Month: October 2014

  • House Music Challenge 2014

    These videos were taken from our house music challenge last Thursday, October 23. House Becket House Athanasius House Boniface House Columba

  • Westminster Academy 2014 Olympics

    Here are a few of our students who participated in our annual Olympics festivities at Westminster Academy. Enjoy!

  • Theology III First Quarter Covenant Timeline Project

    The main project in Theology III for Fall Quarter was our Covenants Timeline. The students worked either alone or in pairs, and each individual/pair selected one biblical covenant to present to the class. For each covenant, the students described its mediator, its promises, and its ordinances/institutions. From left to right: Lincoln Atnip and Noah Collins […]

  • 4th Grade Monk Day

    Fourth grade had a great field trip today! After studying St. Benedict and monasticism, we visited with Mother Nektaria who lives the monastic life and further explained it. What a blessing to hear her speak and afterwards see the children take time to be quiet and contemplate their praises, thanksgivings, and petitions!

  • WA Loves Reading!

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