Month: March 2015

  • It was a sleepy yet excited group who crowded around the US Air ticket counter in Memphis on the morning of March 11.  Today was the day that many Westminster seniors had awaited from the time they were in kindergarten.  Today, they would go to Italy. From Memphis to Philadelphia, to Rome, to Orvieto, to Florence, […]

  • Composition is King

    In the process of trying to render an object or objects in a creative, convincing manner, students often overlook the importance of the way in which those objects are arranged on the picture plane.  Poor composition can be a death knoll for a painting or drawing, so for this project the 9th Grade painting class […]

  • 3rd Grade Math Is Going Metric!

    Mrs. Clayton’s 3rd graders find so many ways to use metric measuring! Click to view slideshow.

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