Month: April 2015

  • Youth In Government

    Guest post from Hope Howard High School Youth In Government (YIG) is a weekend of dedication, sleep deprivation, and plenty of debate. The high school YIG program has positions in all three branches of government, as well as press corps and lobbyists, in order to make the most comprehensive mock-government experience possible. There are a total of […]

  • Proelium Artium

    (or…the Art Challenge) Issued by Becket House In an effort to build the overall culture and create history and tradition within our houses and to promote healthy competition between the houses, Becket House issued the Fourth Annual Art Challenge to all houses.  The following is a description of the challenge. This year’s medium was drawing and painting […]

  • Culmination of a WA Education – The Senior Rhetoric Speeches

    The delivery and defense of a senior thesis is an important milestone in a student’s education at Westminster Academy. It is a comprehensive and integrative project that requires students to use the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired throughout their education at WA to craft a thoughtful and persuasive argument on a chosen topic. This is […]

  • Head of School Search Update

    A message from Tim Keith Dear Westminster Community, Your Head of School Search Committee is pleased to present the recently completed Search Introductory Video and the Head of School Opportunity Profile.  We hope you will review these, pray for the search, and forward the links to potential candidates you think may be qualified and interested in […]

  • Belles Lettres

    (or….the Writing Challenge) Issued by Athanasius House The Belles Lettres Challenge seeks written works by students that bring honor to the namesake of their house. In this challenge, Belles Lettres means “fine writing”. Athanasius House seek for the mighty power of the pen to be employed toward the glorification of God through wonderful writing. Challenge This year’s challenge […]

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