Month: September 2017

  • The House Rhetoric Challenge

    Each year, Upper School students participate in the Namesake Rhetoric Challenge, which is one of four challenges issued by the houses to earn points to win the house cup. The goal of the challenges is to build overall culture, create history and tradition within the houses, and to promote healthy competition among the houses. Other […]

  • Grammar School Reading Buddies

    The reading buddies program is the highlight of the week for many of the Grammar School students, but it’s not just a fun time for younger and older students to hang out. While it does build a sense of community amongst the Grammar School grades, the practice also has lasting benefits when it comes to […]

  • The Kindness Assembly

    During the kindness assembly each year, students are taught about the importance of certain character qualities. This year, the emphasis was on self-control, something we could all use a little refresher on every now and then. Mrs. Petzinger and Mrs. Peckham put on an excellent skit, complete with a full-on brawl and donut eating, that […]

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