Author: Julie Nagem

  • “Play Skillfully On The Strings…”

    The Westminster Academy strings program aims to cultivate a love a music, with a focus on string and orchestral music.  The program is run by Sarah Nowlin, under our music director Ginger Statom. At the Grammar School music assembly, Mrs. Nowlin and Mr. Daniel Gilbert encouraged the students by sharing that playing their instruments is
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  • Four Houses, One Community

    House systems have become increasingly popular among high schools in the last several years. While most exist to foster community and camaraderie, the house system at Westminster Academy is about so much more than social time and house pride. When we dig in, we find the intentional cultivation of virtues and leadership opportunities for students.
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  • Why Study Latin?

    Westminster Academy students in Latin I and II recently took the National Latin Exam, sponsored by the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League. The exams were scored and ranked, and all students who scored above the national average were awarded one of four prizes depending on their performance. The awards are Gold
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  • Spring Cleaning? Bring Your Donations to Blues City Thrift at Westminster This Week!

    Did you know there will be a Blues City Thrift truck accepting donations at Westminster all week? Do you know why you should consider supporting them with your donations? In 2009, a group of Westminster fathers came up with the idea of creating a thrift store with the aim of giving proceeds back to faith-based
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  • Why Do We Use Standardized Tests?

    What are the benefits to standardized testing? They give us another tool to track an individual student’s progress. Standardized scores are by no means the only data that we have to assess student progress at Westminster Academy, because we believe that students are complex learners who show growth in diverse dimensions: academic, social, emotional, spiritual,
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