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  • The Culmination of a WA Education: The Senior Thesis

    The culminating work of a student’s education at Westminster Academy is the delivery and defense of a senior thesis. It is a comprehensive and integrative project that requires students to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout their education at Westminster to craft a thoughtful and persuasive argument on a chosen topic. It
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  • The Silence and The Sounds: My Senior Experience in Italy

    This morning, our seniors led an assembly detailing their adventures in Italy. Below, we share the reflections of one of those seniors,  Lucy Jones. After our plane lifted off from the tarmac of the Atlanta airport, I rifled through my art history notes from junior year one last time, taking in the same static images
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  • Senior Class Awarded Over $4 Million in Scholarship Offers

    The faculty and staff of Westminster Academy could not be more proud of the class of 2017! As a class, they have been offered over $4 million in scholarship money for their college tenures. Several students in the graduating class will likely not pay a single dollar out-of-pocket for their time earning an undergraduate degree. Emily
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  • Capstone Trip Makes Lasting Impression on Senior Class

    Headmaster Janikowsky opened his discussion of the Senior Capstone trip last week with a quote from Tristan Gylberd: “If you always go where you have always gone and always do what you have always done, you will always be what you have always been.” The senior class of Westminster Academy has certainly gone, done, and
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  • 12 Grade British Literature with Mrs. Perry

    Alfred Lord Tennyson once said that “in the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” With apologies to Lord Tennyson, at Westminster in the spring the seniors are required to turn their fancy thoughts to writing sonnets. Since they are in the process at the moment, I thought I would write
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  • Senior Calculus with Mrs. Jones

    The figure above shows a picture of a graph which models manufacturing cost per unit.  It makes sense to us that because of the cost of raw materials the more you manufacture, the more you spend.  So clearly making 3000 units is more expensive than making 2000 units.  But, as you can see, it is actually
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