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  • Becket House Unveils Newly Remodeled Room

    As with all of the houses, symbolism and ceremony are everyday aspects of Becket house life. Throughout the new house room, which was recently unveiled after a summer-long renovation, notes of Thomas Becket’s God-serving life can be found: in the elegant glass plaque, the painted archways that hint at the cathedral in which Becket served,
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  • Four Houses, One Community

    House systems have become increasingly popular among high schools in the last several years. While most exist to foster community and camaraderie, the house system at Westminster Academy is about so much more than social time and house pride. When we dig in, we find the intentional cultivation of virtues and leadership opportunities for students.
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  • What is Rhetoric, Anyway?

    Just before fall break, Upper School students competed in the Namesake Rhetoric Challenge, which is one of four challenges issued by the houses each year. The Columba house issued the challenge, which called the presenters to give a first-person narrative about the origins of their house name. One presenter from each house was videotaped giving
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  • New Addition to the Upper School Stairwell!

  • House Reveal 2015

    Thursday this week, we had our annual “house reveal,” in which the rising 7th-grade students found out whether they would become members of house Athanasius, Becket, Boniface, or Columba. Welcome to the houses, 7th graders!

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