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  • What can students learn from chariot races and ring toss?

    Third graders scream with frightened excitement. Tenth graders pull with all their might. And with a final mighty heave, the winning chariot pulls across the finish line in one monumental effort of amazing strength. This is the 3rd Grade Greek Olympics. The day starts with tenth graders and their third grade buddies teaming up in
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  • The Kindness Assembly…It’s About More Than a Laugh!

    The Grammar School Kindness Assembly, held annually for the students at Westminster, focuses on treating others with respect and responding appropriately to others.  Inspired by the discussion of bullying in today’s culture, the Kindness Assembly concentrates on virtue instead of the problem of unkindness itself. “We focus on kindness and thinking about the elements of
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  • “Play Skillfully On The Strings…”

    The Westminster Academy strings program aims to cultivate a love a music, with a focus on string and orchestral music.  The program is run by Sarah Nowlin, under our music director Ginger Statom. At the Grammar School music assembly, Mrs. Nowlin and Mr. Daniel Gilbert encouraged the students by sharing that playing their instruments is
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  • Join Us at the MidSouth MDA Muscle Walk

    THIS Saturday, April 6, 10-12 at Westminster Academy. This community-wide event is free and open to the public. There will be games, food trucks, face painting, and more for families and participants to enjoy before and after the muscle walk itself. The annual MDA Muscle Walk is a meaningful way for families, neighbors, and local
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  • What does it mean to teach from a Reformed worldview?

    Over five hundred years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany. According Westminster Headmaster Mr. Janikowsky, “It’s important to note, we are not merely remembering a historical event, we are not remembering a parchment on a door in Germany, we are remembering a thought, an important
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  • Memphis VFW Names WA’s Faith Shaunak as Teacher of the Year

    The Memphis Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Chapter 11333  has named Westminster Academy teacher Faith Shaunak as their 2018-2019 teacher of the year. Shaunak was chosen for the honor because of her dedication to teaching and her commitment to the contest. She was among several dozen teachers considered for the award. “Mrs. Faith Shaunak [does]
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