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  • Why Does Music Matter?

    By Ginger Statom Why does music matter?  Why do we sing?  We are commanded over 200 times by the Word of God to sing, and our voice is the only instrument that is a natural part of our body.  That is not to say that learning to play a man-made instrument isn’t equally as valuable,
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  • What’s So Great About Westminster?

  • The Beauty and Power of Prayer and Shalom

    On Parent Night, Debbie Frazier, head of Grammar School, gave a brief and profound speech on the beauty and power of prayer and Shalom. Her words are below: This summer I did a Bible study on the armor of God from Eph. 6. When I got to verse 15 where Paul says, “having shod your
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  • The Kindness Assembly and Creating a Culture of Grace

    Several years ago, we began hearing more and more about bullying behavior at schools across the country and in social media. At Westminster Academy, we all agreed that kindness was something we encouraged across the curriculum, but we realized that perhaps we could be more intentional about defining that for our students. Maybe with our
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  • First Graders Celebrated at Fruit of Character Ceremony

    One of the most precious events during a student’s time in the Grammar School is the Fruit of the Character Assembly. Many parents will tell you that it is their favorite tradition among the younger grades. And most students, even through Upper School, can still recall which fruit of the character was bestowed upon them
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  • Westminster Academy Middle School Soccer Team Wins Championship

    The Westminster Academy Defenders middle school boys’ soccer team recently won the Small Schools Division of the Shelby League. The team went 13-1 over the season, finally winning the championship game against Woodland in two overtimes. The team outscored their opponents 73-22 over the season, averaging more than five goals per game, and 20 of
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