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  • Looking For More Than A Typical Education?

  • Have You Met the Westminster Ambassadors and Junior Ambassadors?

    As the admission season moves into full swing at Westminster, take a moment to meet our Ambassadors and Junior Ambassadors! The Ambassador program at Westminster Academy allows select students to represent the school during special school events, on guided tours with prospective parents, and at select off-campus activities in the community. Very nearly every tour
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  • What does it mean to teach from a Reformed worldview?

    Over five hundred years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany. According Westminster Headmaster Mr. Janikowsky, “It’s important to note, we are not merely remembering a historical event, we are not remembering a parchment on a door in Germany, we are remembering a thought, an important
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  • To use screens or not to use screens…Is that the question?

    Certainly, there are arguments to be made on both sides of the topic when it comes to children and technology use. Does access to the latest technology in the classroom setting open doors for them or does it expose them to potential harm? If every child has a tablet, will they learn and grow from
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  • Memphis VFW Names WA’s Faith Shaunak as Teacher of the Year

    The Memphis Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Chapter 11333  has named Westminster Academy teacher Faith Shaunak as their 2018-2019 teacher of the year. Shaunak was chosen for the honor because of her dedication to teaching and her commitment to the contest. She was among several dozen teachers considered for the award. “Mrs. Faith Shaunak [does]
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  • Secret Santa is More than Fun and Games

    During Westminster Academy’s fall break, hurricane Michael hit the panhandle of Florida leaving a devastating wake of destruction in its path. One victim of the mass destruction was Covenant Christian School, an ACCS classical Christian school in Panama City. Westminster Academy Headmaster Ralph Janikowsky happened to be in the panhandle of Florida for fall break,
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