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  • Westminster Academy Golf Teams Wrap Up Inaugural Season

    This year, Westminster Athletics added golf to the roster of sports available at the school. The golf program consisted of four teams for the first year, middle school and high school boys and girls, and all of them had great initial outings. The teams and individual players proved to be competitive in a field of
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  • The Kindness Assembly…It’s About More Than a Laugh!

    The Grammar School Kindness Assembly, held annually for the students at Westminster, focuses on treating others with respect and responding appropriately to others.  Inspired by the discussion of bullying in today’s culture, the Kindness Assembly concentrates on virtue instead of the problem of unkindness itself. “We focus on kindness and thinking about the elements of
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  • Applications, Essays, Exams…College Prep at Westminster

    On September 9th, the Class of 2020 congregated in the school library with the heads of college guidance for a day of working towards the future by way of college applications, essays, letters of recommendation and more. But the foundations for this day of college prep work were laid long before the first application was
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  • “Play Skillfully On The Strings…”

    The Westminster Academy strings program aims to cultivate a love a music, with a focus on string and orchestral music.  The program is run by Sarah Nowlin, under our music director Ginger Statom. At the Grammar School music assembly, Mrs. Nowlin and Mr. Daniel Gilbert encouraged the students by sharing that playing their instruments is
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  • How are we teaching differently?

    One of the greatest privileges of my role as Director of Admission is the time I have to visit with each prospective parent after they have toured our school. One question they often ask is “how is classical Christian education different?” Even after my five years here, I still sometimes stumble in my answer….. “Well,
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  • Four Houses, One Community

    House systems have become increasingly popular among high schools in the last several years. While most exist to foster community and camaraderie, the house system at Westminster Academy is about so much more than social time and house pride. When we dig in, we find the intentional cultivation of virtues and leadership opportunities for students.
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