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  • Ninth Grade Protocol Program Gives Meaning to Manners

    By Eden Rainer The Ninth Grade Protocol program gives us the tools to succeed as we stand out for Christ in the way we conduct our social interactions. We begin with a series of lessons taught by Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Bartusch. Proper protocol, etiquette, and manners are all discussed, with a specific emphasis on
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  • What can students learn from chariot races and ring toss?

    Third graders scream with frightened excitement. Tenth graders pull with all their might. And with a final mighty heave, the winning chariot pulls across the finish line in one monumental effort of amazing strength. This is the 3rd Grade Greek Olympics. The day starts with tenth graders and their third grade buddies teaming up in
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  • 2019 House Rhetoric Challenge

    Written By Catherine Baum Every year, Westminster’s house system holds a series of Namesake Challenges, one of which is the Rhetoric Challenge, issued by Columba house. The Rhetoric Challenge charges one student from each house in the 10th-12th grade to present a first-person narrative explaining the life and significance of their respective namesake. On September
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  • Middle School Girls Soccer Team Has Impressive First Season

    Written By Julianna May This fall, the inaugural Middle School girls soccer team surprised us all, and even themselves, with a 6-7 record, dominating the competition all the way up to the semi-finals in their league tournament. Mr. Daniel Banks took on the role of coach, leading Westminster’s first girls’ soccer team as they took
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  • 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip – Our Experience

    Written by Isabelle Saunders, Kaitlin Baker, Alannah Dormer, Eliana Harris, and Ramsey Robbins Photos by Steven Riggs The class of 2024 has spent the last few years studying American history and government. To mark the end of this crucial and enlightening unit, what better place to visit than the very heart of our country? At
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  • Becket House Unveils Newly Remodeled Room

    As with all of the houses, symbolism and ceremony are everyday aspects of Becket house life. Throughout the new house room, which was recently unveiled after a summer-long renovation, notes of Thomas Becket’s God-serving life can be found: in the elegant glass plaque, the painted archways that hint at the cathedral in which Becket served,
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