When you donate, you truly make a difference in what Westminster Academy is able to accomplish. We have 2 funds that you can choose to designate funds towards; the Purple and Gold Fund and the Doler Fund. Read more about these funds below. Contributions are allocated to the operating budget for the year they are received.

The Purple and Gold Fund

The Purple and Gold Fund was established to provide the necessary resources to sustain and accelerate our ability to provide excellence in Classical Christian Education. Simply put, the cost of educating each child exceeds tuition income. The Purple and Gold Fund not only helps make up the difference, but it also provides Westminster with the ability to meet the needs of a growing and thriving academic program now and in years to come. Your gift also supports our Tuition Assistance Program to help make Westminster affordable.

What Does the Purple and Gold Fund Support?
  • Maintaining small class sizes
  • Keeping tuition and fees affordable and providing assistance to families who need it
  • Providing continual teacher training in the Classical Christian pedagogy
  • Identifying, recruiting, hiring, and retaining the faculty necessary to fulfill the requirements of a strong Classical Christian Education
  • Compensating faculty, staff, and administration in a manner that reflects their expertise and dedication
  • Giving us the resources to improve our understanding of Classical Christian Education and the ability to pass that understanding along to teachers, faculty, parents and administration
  • Providing the material needs of the school including professional development, upgraded technology, curriculum, and classroom needs

The Doler Fund

The Dr. Lowell Doler Tuition Assistance Scholarship Fund was established in 2007, in honor of Dr. Lowell Doler, and in recognition of his remarkable character and his deep appreciation for, and love of Christian education.

The fund was established with an initial donation of $100,000, for the sole purpose of providing tuition assistance through the investment of the fund in an interest bearing account. Ten percent of the annual return is reinvested and the remainder is distributed on an annual basis for the sole purpose of assisting families who have demonstrated need for tuition assistance for their children. Your gifts to the Lowell Doler Tuition Assistance Scholarship Fund will help provide such assistance to Westminster families in perpetuity, because the principal remains invested year after year.

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