The graduation requirements at Westminster Academy utilize a credit-based protocol (contained entirely in the 9th-12th grades). This provides the opportunity for several improvements to the curriculum and its administration.


Features of our new credit-based system:

  1. Greater emphasis on the requirement that graduates demonstrate fluency in a classical language Introduction of a modern foreign language in the middle school
  2. Reflection of the centrality of the humanities (literature, history, theology, and rhetoric) as an integrated core
  3. Ability to accept highly qualified transfer students through the 11th grade
  4. Ability to assist struggling students
  5. Compliance with ACCS requirements for a Category II accreditation status
  6. Ability to offer a broader range of academically-oriented electives
  7. Potential for a less congested daily schedule, particularly in the 11th and 12th grades


Graduation Requirements

4 credits of English
4 credits of History
3 credits of Math including Algebra II
3 credits of Science including Biology, Chemistry, Physics
3 credits of Foreign Language including 2 credits of Latin
1 credit of Theology
1 credit of Rhetoric including Senior Thesis
1 credit of Fine Arts
1.5 credits of Athletics including 1 credit of Wellness
2 credits of Electives including .5 credit of personal finance


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