Grammar School at Westminster Academy includes all grades from Junior Kindergarten through 6th Grade. During these formative years of your students’ lives, our teachers work hard to provide the foundations of learning so they’ll be successful in Upper School.

JK & Kindergarten 

1st-6th Grade

Junior Kindergarten Grammar School Event
2nd Grade Grammar School Event

At Westminster, the JK and Kindergarten programs are half days with an option for the Westminster Extended Enrichment Program (WEE), which lasts through the end of the school day at 3 p.m. 

Your little ones will be taught reading readiness skills and many will move right into reading. They will refine their fine motor skills as they practice coloring, drawing, cutting, and writing. Gross motor skills will develop through guided and free play, PE, and classroom activities. They will have opportunities throughout the week to engage in art, music, science, and sensory exploration. Each day includes lots of reading aloud and once a week, older students visit to read aloud with their Grammar School buddies. 

Throughout 1st-6th grade, the emphasis is placed on our students’ language development. In the Grammar Stage, children are busy discovering the world around them through language – naming things (vocabulary) and building categories. This is the basis for thinking, connecting, and verbalizing what they learn. They love to memorize, imitate, and repeat what they hear. We create these learning opportunities through classic literature, Bible, history, music, science, and art. By approaching history chronologically and using it as a framework, we are able to integrate Scripture and Biblical history along with fine arts into every subject. While this is a great model for teaching a Biblical worldview, it also enhances a love of learning in our students as they get a sense of God as creator and author of history. PE and recess provide healthy movement for their bodies and important breaks for their minds. 

What to Expect

Interested in learning more about what your child will learn throughout their years at Westminster? Click on an option below to download a PDF of what to expect from each grade.

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